Holiday Houses

Hannikkala  5-star Holiday Houses Kiilapirtti and Kiilakallio with all comforts provides these amazing experiences and many more. Rent a holiday cabin from Savonlinna and enjoy!

Vacation Getaway.

Hannikkala Holiday Houses are for year round use, if you need a break or getaway in dark winter nights or relaxing mindfulness holiday by picking the mushrooms or berries or by fishing.

For the people who love skiing or snowshoeing, Hannikkala Holiday Houses in Savonlinna provides amazing and endless skiing lands just in front of the cabin. What would be better than after being out in cold winter weather enjoy a hot chocolate by the fireplace waiting for the sauna to be ready? What would be better than in warm summer night, the sun still shining, have a barbecue listening to the sounds of lake and forrest? Or to watch the children having the best time of their life in the clean lake water without anybody else disturbing your peace?